Trump tax plan?

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Re: Trump tax plan?

Post by Kriegsspiel » Sun May 07, 2017 7:36 am

Xan wrote:
Kriegsspiel wrote:Let's say Trump just didn't really know fuckall about anything. So he figured he would go in and show all the dumbasses in government how to do things. Now that he's learning how the world works from people who've been dealing with it for a bit, he kinda acts like every other president has acted. You could call it the George Friedman factor: geopolitics is all that matters.
I think this is likely to be the truth.

And, it means that either a) this kind of foreign policy is, in fact, the best possible foreign policy, or b) even if it isn't, we won't ever really be able to change.

I'm not sure which is more depressing!
On the other hand, America's changed directions before, it just takes a while for the old guard to die, and for events to alter our course.
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