Gold dealers you have used?

Discussion of the Gold portion of the Permanent Portfolio

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Gold dealers you have used?

Post by vnatale » Mon Oct 07, 2019 6:38 pm

I have decided that for part of my gold investment I want to have it in the form of one ounce American Eagle / Maple Leaf coins.

Way back on February 21, 1995 I made my sole prior gold coin purchase. From Benham Certified Metals I spent $2,041.58 to acquire the following:

3-oz AE@395.92,2-oz ML@395.92, 1-1/10 oz AE@41.98,$20 Shipping

My memory states that as soon as I bought them the price went down and stayed below my purchase prices until 2011 (16 years later) when the price skyrocketed way above what I had paid for them.

I'm someone whose major preference is purchasing as much as I can while sitting at my computer (major Amazon fan) rather than spending time traveling around to retail locations. I don't even like spending time on the telephone discussing purchase. Just seems way too inefficient plus demands all my attention. I prefer web sites that have the necessary information and prices provided right there in front of me.

I found a web site today that listed all the gold coin dealers within an hour's driving time of my house. I went to each of their web sites (if they even had one) but none of them impressed me and struck me as small time operations. I'd prefer dealing with a long-term, large, reputable organization.

I also came across this:

Date: Thu Jul 09 1998 13:49
General (feet of clay and all bullion buyers: PRINT OUT LATEST DEALER SURVEY FROM SAFE MONEY REPORT) ID#365216:
Copyright © 1998 General/Kitco Inc. All rights reserved

Things like this just reinforces my love of the internet!

As you can see the list is over 21 years old!

I went through every item on the list to determine who was no longer and who is still in business. The latter being most important as it shows me which of the businesses has had staying power.

I am now FINALLY at the question in my Subject line.

What gold coin dealers have you used and recommend?

I'm really just looking at this as a commodity buy. Therefore, I don't believe I need any service. Just the lowest price for each one of the coins.

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