Medical Mistakes Are Actually the Third Leading Cause of Death

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Re: Medical Mistakes Are Actually the Third Leading Cause of Death

Post by MachineGhost » Sun May 08, 2016 12:57 pm

BearBones wrote: The third leading cause of death in house fires is firemen. And their ignorance, stupidity and corruption.
That's a very slippery slope if we start allowing any and all "do-gooders" to allow whatever action is necessary as justification in the holy sancrosanct name of "helping others".  There would be little to no practical accountability, tons of bureaucratic incompetence and conspiratorial cover-ups.  Oh, wait...

The point of transparency about human-inflicted negatives upon society is to shine bright light so that we can work towards eliminating those said negatives, not throw our hands up and/or justify it as acceptable "collateral damage".

In the case of medicine, though, I'm afraid the Soviet-style Command and Control model has completely failed and depositing more bullshit on top of pre-existing bullshit just isn't going to work.  We need real free market competition so that everyone along the entire fucking chain is held accountable to the consumer.
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Re: Medical Mistakes Are Actually the Third Leading Cause of Death

Post by sophie » Mon May 09, 2016 6:42 am

Still think that this is a solveable problem using methods employed by the airline industry and the military.  Those are complex systems too, but they've figured out that simply blaming everything on "pilot error" is non-productive, so they've developed checklists and ways of having multiple levels of safety.  The idea is to set things up so that an error has to get by not just one person, but two or three.

Some hospitals are trying to do this, but the Obama era and Medicare mandates are really making things difficult, as is the general push toward cost cutting.  For example:  there's a technical procedure in my area that doesn't involve physicians, but that is very critical to get right because decisions having to do with brain resection are made based on it.  The usual standard for years is to have two qualified people present during the procedure.  Due to hospital staffing cuts, there was a period when only one person was present, and sure enough there were errors (thankfully caught in time to not affect surgical procedures).  One meeting later, we're back to two people and no more errors.
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