All Hail The Republic of Molossia

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All Hail The Republic of Molossia

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From the daily "baseball" newsletter I read:

All Hail The Republic of Molossia
Via Insider, we meet a man named Kevin Baugh, who is geographically located within the borders of Nevada but who by no means considers himself to be a Nevada man.

Baugh is the self-proclaimed “benevolent dictator" of the Republic of Molossia, which is a one-acre micronation with a population of 35 in the desert, again, located in the northwest of Nevada but according Baugh not actually in Nevada. The Molossia currency is pegged to the value of cookie dough. It has its own time zone which is 39 minutes ahead of Pacific time and 21 minutes behind Mountain time. It has a navy consisting of two inflatable kayaks which, according to Baugh, often engage in “training maneuvers” on Lake Tahoe.

While the sovereignty of Molossia is not recognized by the international community, it’s real to Baugh, dammit. Thankfully, however, this guy sounds more like a jokester than one of those wacko militia types who declare themselves to be “sovereign citizens” or what have you:

"It helps to still have that US citizenship," Baugh said. "Otherwise, we wouldn't be able to go to Walmart or something like that, and we'd all starve to death."

Citizens vote in US elections and pay US taxes, which Baugh jokingly refers to as "foreign aid."

My favorite part of the article, though, describes the days just after Baugh established his micronation:

For a short period afterward, it was ruled as a communist dictatorship. Baugh said the communist iconography the micronation used riled up locals, so he decided to turn Molossia into a capitalist military dictatorship.

I know the article is about another would-be nation � and that the whole thing is really just a joke � �� but there is nothing more American than people being totally fine with a military dictatorship as long as it was a capitalist one.
Above provided by: Vinny, who always says: "I only regret that I have but one lap to give to my cats." AND "I'm a more-is-more person."
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