Miami Mass Shooting - Another Day Another Tragedy

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Miami Mass Shooting - Another Day Another Tragedy

Post by tomfoolery » Mon May 31, 2021 1:15 pm

Another day in NRA-occupied America, another mass shooting. 2 killed, 2 dozen wounded.

The killers targeted a hip hop music venue. Which clearly shows their motives are white supremacy in nature, given the patrons of this establishment are primarily African American.

To make the situation even muddier, the shooting only lasted a few seconds, per security camera footage. The white supremacists got out of their vehicle, started shooting, and were back in their vehicle a mere 6 seconds later.

Because the patrons of this establishment were armed, fired back at the white supremacists, and caused them to flee. Now we know from science that people are 75x more likely to shoot themselves or a loved one with their guns than an air quotes "bad guy". So what likely happened here, is the NRA planted operatives at this hip hop club in advance of the shooting, in an attempt to create a false narrative that air quotes "good guys" with guns stop air quotes "bad guys with guns" but I'm not buying it. Seems a little too convenient.

And if you think I'm being conspiracy theorist minded right now, my theory has as much fact as the right wing extremists who claim Covid 19 came from a virology lab in Wuhan. And Republicans have repeated this hoax enough times that even the White House is starting to fall victim to the anti-Asian rhetoric.
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