Larry Swedroe

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Larry Swedroe

Post by vnatale » Fri Sep 18, 2020 12:24 pm

I know that Larry Swedroe gets mentioned here.

This is a long, profile article on him.


Larry Swedroe: Risk Warrior in Action

The financial rock star tells Investment Advisor his latest thinking on asset allocation and portfolio diversification ... k-warrior/

Though he isn’t quite the household name that Warren Buffett is, he combines the Oracle of Omaha’s humility with a deep knowledge of investing and an open approach to finance — sharing the secrets of his approach to portfolio building without hesitation.

“Larry knows more about investments research than most academics. He’s a practitioner with a mind of a first-rate scholar, and it follows that his investment philosophy is based on a careful reading of the newest empirical studies on investment performance,” said Michael Finke, chief academic officer of The American College of Financial Services.

“He’s been a critic of fad investing practices that aren’t based on sound evidence, and an equally strong proponent of strategies such as low beta and factor investing that have the most support among financial economists,” Finke explained.

“Whenever Larry writes something about investing, I always make a point of reading it,” he added. “It’s one of the reasons we interviewed Larry, in addition to academics like Bill Sharpe, for our new wealth management designation (the WMCP) at the College. Larry knows how to build a real-world portfolio using the best science.”
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