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No monitors or keyboards?

Posted: Fri Sep 18, 2020 12:17 pm
by vnatale
At some time in the future I will no longer have my beloved monitors and keyboards??!!

Some of you actually work with these types of technological innovations. How likely is this to happen and when?


Tech Execs Warn of 'Consumer-ification of Wealth Business' ... -business/

Future Generations Continuing the future-forward theme was Dani Fava, director of innovation at TD Ameritrade Institutional. Fava spends her days researching the latest emerging technologies to help advisors read the tea leaves on how their businesses will change, while also looking to “productize” these technologies on the TD Ameritrade platform to help advisors work better with their future clients.

According to Fava, the best place to look for future technology applications is in science fiction. “Science fiction has been extremely good at predicting the future,” she said, providing examples from sci-fi movies like the Tom Cruise/Steven Spielberg classic “Minority Report.”

Made in 2002, the film previewed new technologies, such as “gesture-based computing,” holograms and personalized advertising based on facial and optical recognition, which are now becoming realities.

To help advisors get a sense of how their future clients will be looking to interact with them, Fava pointed out that “Gen Z never had a desktop computer and grew up streaming content on mobile devices — not on cable or on TV.” As a result, this future generation will demand video interactions and alternative communication methods via holograms vs. face-to-face meetings.

On Fava’s list of items that will quickly become obsolete from tech innovation are keyboards and computer monitors, along with steering wheels and garages — as autonomous vehicles and ride sharing become pervasive; also, remote controls and thermostats are going the way of the buggy whip due to smart homes.