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Post by vnatale » Thu Sep 10, 2020 1:48 pm

Who here has been a regular used of Schwab?

Anyone else allow fractional ownership?


Schwab Is Bullish on 0% Commissions

The discount brokerage founder also wants to boost financial literacy. ... sions.html

Does the firm have anything in the works for younger investors? Index funds are good investments, but they’re boring. We want to get kids into buying stocks. We’re launching fractional ownership, so customers can buy one-tenth of a share in a company. Ten shares of today would cost $17,000. Who has that kind of money? That’s coming in the spring, too.

Schwab led the way with zero commissions. Will that encourage risky trading? If I could start Schwab over again, I’d have no commissions. I’ve always been down on commissions -- it’s the wrong way to deal with people in a fiduciary relationship. A $0 commission shouldn’t change how investors behave, but it will let us talk about other things and help people figure out simple, low-cost ways to invest and accumulate assets.
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