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Make a donation in support of police

Posted: Wed Jun 10, 2020 2:21 pm
by sophie
It only just occurred to me (because I'm unusually dense about these things) that there is a very useful way to make my voice heard in support of an institution that is currently being unjustly vilified.

The PBA was my first guess, but in NYC it's a police union that doesn't take charitable donations. The charity of choice instead is the NYC police foundation:

The money would go to support programs and equipment that protect officers and fight crime in innovative ways. It includes things like community policing, which despite some of the ravings from the left sounds like it could be helpful if done right. I realize that this sounds like something the city should be paying for, but obviously that's heading in the wrong direction just now.

What do you all think? In particular, if it sounds like a good idea to all of you, it's something you may want to consider to show support for your local police.