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Reports: Chinese troops are massing on the border with Hong Kong

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:47 am
by Ad Orientem ... earby.html

The only surprise here is that Beijing has let things go for as long as they have. A while back there was a discussion on one of our pages about a non-US PP and the question was raised about geographic diversification. If I remember right, the OP wanted to store his gold in HK believing it to be entirely safe with strong property protection and the rule of law. I repeatedly warned that HK was part of Red China and any administrative independence they had was under sufferance and it would last all of about 1 minute past the point where the Politburo found it to be no longer convenient. I don't even know what specific demands these protesters have. But if airports are being shut down and firebombs are being thrown at police, China is not out of bounds to be warning that there are limits to the right to civil protest. I am thinking the Hong Kong doomsday clock is about two minutes to midnight.