Why Trump will be inaugurated in January

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Re: Why Trump will be inaugurated in January

Post by moda0306 » Sat Nov 21, 2020 12:49 pm

Tortoise wrote:
Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:42 pm
Tech's return to the forum:

Even the legendary moda made a rare reappearance to take a swing at Tech. This is getting good...
I think he has me down as one of his TDS blockages. That said, calling out the emperor for having no clothes isn't to convince the emperor. It's to slap the agreeability off the faces of the public.

And while I can appreciate your meme game, I can think of many, many "guy comes back from the dead to fight" examples that would've worked better that my man Gandalf. That said, it's probably how tech sees himself, so I'm choosing to see it ironically in that light.

It's just hilarious and predictable that a guy who was dead-convinced that Trump would not only win, but win in a landslide, and just gets his ass handed to him, that it'd put the techs of the world into an apoplectic fraud-accusing barrage of bullsh!t. It's just another day in the non-stop derp-double-down of right-wing politics these days.

And I'm not even ruling out shady stuff in our voting systems. They're run by states, so to even know what we're talking about we'd need to analyze at least a half a dozen systems, and they have checks and balances that we largely don't understand and default to "the experts must know what they're doing" for the most part. I wouldn't put it past deep-state apparati to help rig these systems. If any genuinely socialist and/or genuinely (not Trump's garbled inconsistent shit) ant-war candidate grew traction, I think the systems of the "deep state" would work against them in serious ways. Similarly, a bombastic buffoon saying the quiet part loud about US empire, while not as damaging as someone who wants to disassemble the empire, is still way more risky than an establishment Dem like Biden.

Hillary, as insufferable a c*nt as she was, almost immediately conceded a far-closer election where she won the popular vote by a few million... could you imagine if the results had looked like they do now and she refused to concede what kind of psychotic shit the right would be, somewhat rightfully, be accusing her of right now?

It's just when your main spokespeople are self-serving shithead lawyers and demagogues it's hard to take any of this seriously. Trump and his shithead lackeys are the worst and most embarrassing form of every unique "value" they bring to the table.

Anti-war? Not-really... just randomly bouncing between threatening nuclear war with N Korea to sending love letters. Didn't start new wars, but expanded drone strikes significantly. Massively growing the military budget to boot.

Anti-financial elite? Only by acting like Derps. Still engaged in an utter massive bailout of Wall Street that almost nobody (including folks here) talked about. Mnuchin as Sec of Treasury. Constantly calling for lower Interest rates as we ride "the best economy ever." Huge tax cuts for the capital class while wage-income was all-but ignored and had tax hikes for many.

Owns the libs? Hey I can appreciate a good ridiculing of bad ideas, but it gets old fast, especially when its "pot-meet-kettle" shitheads like Trump insulting other shitheads... and doing so mostly clumsily and inconsistently. And we're talking about the head of the largest killing machine in the history of the world. I'd rather listen to a good comedian make fun of radical feminists and focus what I want a president to do on more pressing matters.

Anti-Deep State? Then call for the disbanding or reform of federal policing and spy agencies already. He just puts his shithead lackeys in there to do his bidding. That's not anti-deep state... it's just wanting your guys and your agenda to be doing the spying, killing and profiting.

They're what I've dubbed the "Derp State." (Moda original I promise). They'll go to war, ignore the law, lie, cheat, spy, genocide, ignore due process, profiteer, QE, bailout, scheme and ride on careerist establishment waves just like the more established deep state did/does, but they do so with a rampant incompetence & bombastity and that the CIA, FBI, Fed and even the most derpy policing agencies like ICE would know to avoid in years past, if only to allow their agencies to exist in the background with continued funding and influence no matter who wins.

Anyway... my stream of consciousness wasn't meant to be aimed at you. I know we probably disagree on a lot, but that's fine. Maybe if Tech turned off his juvenile Trump Devotion Symptom friend filter he can retort himself.
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Re: Why Trump will be inaugurated in January

Post by Ad Orientem » Sat Nov 21, 2020 4:52 pm

When it comes to Donald Trump, I'm reminded of the old adage that "if you can't see the con, then you're the mark." Trump is, and has always been, a conman.
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