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The potency of commodities as an inflation hedge

Posted: Tue Aug 17, 2021 5:05 pm
by GT
The potency of commodities as an inflation hedge ... ion-hedge/
The asset allocation team within Vanguard Investment Strategy Group is thinking about unexpected inflation—and many other drivers of portfolio returns—as it maximizes the capabilities of the Vanguard Asset Allocation Model (VAAM).

Additional Vanguard research introduces a new methodology for building high-income portfolios that allows for yield targeting. The team could turn its attention to targeting for unexpected inflation beta as well, said Todd Schlanger, a senior investment strategist and lead author of the forthcoming research.
Not sure if Vanguard has been taking a lot of questions about inflation, and is just putting something out to calm investors; or if this is a preamble to Vanguard adding commodities to the mix as they see unexpected inflation on the horizon.