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You can opt out of this subforum

Post by Xan » Sun Nov 01, 2020 1:30 pm

If you are not generally interested in Variable Portfolio discussions, you can elect to not receive notifications about new posts in this section. This is achieved by adding yourself to a group called "Non-Variable-Portfolio".

When in this group, you can still read and write in this subforum. And you'll still receive notifications when there's a new post on a topic you are "watching" (by default, you're watching any thread to which you have posted). But threads in this subforum will not appear on your New Posts page.

To add yourself to the opt-out group:

* Click the little "person" icon at the upper right under the search bar.
* Click "User Control Panel".
* Click the "Usergroups" tab.
* Scroll down to the "Non-Memberships" section and click the radio button (under the "Select" header) corresponding to "Non-Variable-Portfolio".
* Click the "Submit" button down towards the bottom-right.
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