An alluring alternative investment!

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An alluring alternative investment!

Post by vnatale » Sun Sep 13, 2020 2:35 pm

Generally I have ZERO interest in alternative investments. But this one I could be QUITE interested in!


Bodak Green: How To Earn Eye-Popping Yields From Music, TV And Movies ... b555396364

"Part of Royalty Exchange’s success traces back to changes Smith made—notably, adding the option to sell rights for a set term as opposed to the life of the copyright, which opened the door for creators reluctant to part with their intellectual property forever. But some of the success has to do with the direction of the broader business. Buoyed by the mass adoption of streaming, recorded music has seen three straight years of double-digit growth, reaching $9.8 billion last year (though sales are still down substantially from the pre-Napster peak of $14.6 billion). And consumption is immune to economic cycles.

“Music royalties earn money, year in and year out, in a fashion that doesn’t appear to be dependent on equity markets or inflation or interest rates,” says Caroline Bienstock, chief of music publisher Carlin America. “Once an asset has found its baseline level of earnings, it doesn’t tend to deviate that much.”"
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